Happy People Go To Therapy

Let’s talk about stigmas. Even with more acknowledgement around the importance of everyone’s mental health, there are still a lot of stigmas that might make someone hesitant to consider therapy as a resource (or not consider it at all). I think a lot of those ideas have centered around who goes to therapy/why someone goes […]

Dear Fear of Failure,

“First of all, thank you. Thank you for keeping me safe during the time that you did. At the core of who you are, I’m aware that your intentions were pure and even loving because without you I would have been subjected to feelings of resentment, rejection, and being unlovable like so many others do […]


Thinking about becoming a therapist? Here’s everything I wish I had known before becoming a mental health therapist. I’ve been a therapist for the past 5 years and I couldn’t have prepared myself for all the ways that I would be surprised by the expectations I had vs. reality. This post is all about what […]

Relationship Resolutions

To some January 1st is just the day after a long night of celebration signaling the end of holiday season, but to others (myself included) it marks the ringing in of a different kind of season. This season is filled with dreams, change, and most of all: HOPE! Hope that with our cute new wall […]