Anxiety Therapy based in Brentwood, TN

Hi, I'm Whitney Shariati, TLMFT​

I'm a trauma-informed psychotherapist, and for the past 5+ years I've worked to develop the skills necessary to help you learn how to take back control over your life and relationships from anxiety and past hurts through a person-centered approach to therapy. Clients have described therapy with me as collaborative | approachable | accepting and my passion for empowering & equipping you to be your best self, in even the darkest times of the human experience, is evident.

Immediate In-Person & Virtual Availability

Based in Brentwood, TN. Serving clients throughout Tennessee.

Therapy Sessions

I offer in-person and virtual 50-minute and 75-minute therapy sessions for individuals, couples, and families for support through anxiety | depression | relationship & intimacy issues | burnout


I offer 4-12 hour intensives, for those looking for a focused time to deepen their relationship with themselves, couples with specific relationship goals, and those looking to dive into deep healing work. Due to the intensified nature of these sessions, intensives are particularly beneficial for those with previous, or current, therapy experience and/or an understanding of your past and patterns, although these things are not always necessary.