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Therapy for relationship issues and anxiety in Brentwood, TN

Ready to experience deep connection & feel confident in yourself and your relationships?

I work with women and  young adults who are experiencing the exhaustion of wondering if they’ve made the right choices for their life and relationships, comparison, wondering if they love their partners enough, struggling to trust others, not feeling good enough, and sometimes avoiding relationships altogether.

My pronouns are she/her/hers

Therapy together will center around helping you develop trust in your ability to build, keep, and enjoy your most meaningful relationships by developing authentic self-expression, healing previous relational wounds, and increasing your self-compassion.

frequently asked

This varies! Some clients report feeling better as early as the consultation phone call, while for others it may take several sessions to notice themselves able to take steps in the right direction. Everyone comes to therapy at different points on their journey so there is no “right” or “wrong” timeline to it. I’ve found that there are some things people can do both inside and outside of session to help the process along and set you up for success!

I believe it’s important for you to set the pace of your therapy, including the frequency of sessions, your goals, and what we talk about in session. Just like any relationship, it takes time to build mutual trust between a therapist and a client, so I encourage you not to talk about anything before you’re ready to share it with me. While it can be uncomfortable to talk about hard things in general, we discuss more about knowing when and how to set boundaries in session around the content so that you always feel safe in my office!

Therapy costs you more than just money-it costs emotional energy and time. It’s crucial that you work with a therapist who gets you, helps you stay on track to reach your goals, and who is equally as devoted to your growth as you are, so that you can be confident in your investment. 

My rate is $135/session and I do not accept insurance. In order to bill insurance, clinicians are required to provide insurance companies with a diagnosis, which I do not personally believe applies to most of my clients. My clients provide payment in the form of card/check/HSA cards and I offer a $5 discount to clients who choose to pay with cash. I am able to provide clients with a receipt for them to submit to insurance companies or employers who provide reimbursement for services.

In an effort to make therapy more accessible, I offer a sliding scale rate to those who qualify based on gross household income of whoever is responsible for payment. For more information, please schedule a consultation phone call!

You’ll want to get your free consultation phone call scheduled by clicking the button below to discuss your specific goals and questions you have, so that you feel comfortable and confident before even stepping foot in my office!